How to make kepok banana compote is very easy and practical

How to make kepok banana compote is very easy and practical. Mothers at home can certainly make it without complicated. Because we only need banana kepok, coconut milk, and other ingredients that are around us. Snapper banana can be served warm or cold. Depending on your individual taste. In addition to banana kepok, you can also use the plantains as the ingredients. But the banana kepok taste is preferred and the price is also more affordable. In order to taste more sweet and fragrant compote, add jackfruit. How to make the banana compote kepok delicious and delicious? Here is a recipe for banana skirt and guide how to make it for you. Breaking the fast becomes more enjoyable and enjoyable.

Recipe of delicious and delicious banana kepok banana

Ingredients :
10 Banana kepok / pisang raja (cut into slaughter
2 jackfruit
150 ml Coconut milk
6 tbsp sugar
6 tablespoons brown sugar
350 gr yellow yam
2 pieces of pandan leaves
1/4 teaspoon vanilla
Santan is fast food
Salt to taste
1 liter of water

How To Make Fruit Banana Peel:
First, boil water with yellow yam. Boil until the sweet potatoes.
Then enter the sugar, brown sugar / brown sugar, vanilla, coconut milk, and pandan leaves.
Boil it with a small flame. Stir slowly.
Then enter the banana and nangkaya. Boil briefly until cooked.
The warm banana fritters are ready to be served as an iftar menu.
If you want to cool, add ice beams or store in the refrigerator.

The banana skirt is very delicious and sweet. The savory taste of coconut milk increases your appetite. You can make it at home. May this recipe help you. Good luck, Good luck

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